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Metal working process is detailed, complicated and is required to be extremely precise, so operators often come across various kinds of application problems, regardless of machining or punch forming. However, you can find corresponding products in Vecutte to solve practical processing problems.


  • VECUTTE GX | Multipurpose Cutting Oil

    VECUTTE GX Series can be used in high loading machining for stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium alloy. In addition, it has good lubrication property, anti-rust property and low oil mist property. 

  • VECUTTE GS | Color Metal Cutting Oil

    VECUTTE GS series is a special base oil and additive specifically aiming at machining development of copper, aluminium, magnesium and it can effectively prevent parts discoloration and improve surface smoothness. 

  • VECUTTE GH | Heavy Loading Cutting Oil

    VECUTTE GH series is particularly recommended to be used in stainless steel, alloy steel and other difficult-to-machine material heavy loading machining, such as drilling, slotting and broaching etc. It has extremely excellent lubrication property and it contains active sulfur, so it is unsuitable for non-ferrous metal processing.

  • VECUTTE GM | High Refined Grinding Oil

    Super refined grinding and honing zippo has high lubricity and detergency, and it has good settleability, so it can effectively improve grinding precision. 

  • VECUTTE GT | Deep Hole Drilling Oil

    VECUTTE GT series is suitable for gun drill with high aperture ratio, deep hole drill processing and it has high unctuosity and permeability. 

  • VECUTTE GV | Super Tapping Oil

    VECUTTE GV series is recommended that it can be used in stainless steel, alloy steel and other difficult-to-machine material machining as well as be used as extreme pressure lubrication additive. 


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