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Lubrication solution for steel industry

The majority of equipments for iron and steel industry are used in high temperature, dust, moist, and high loading and other complex working conditions. Veiz Marlube syntholube product can meet with special equipment lubrication requirements for iron and steel industry. Recommend products:

Marlube HDG-S synthetic gear oil

Features: It has long operating life and it can be used continuously in high temperature of 200℃.

Marlube HMPE-S synthetic fire-resistant hydraulic oil  

Features: Synthetic Acrawax fire-resistant hydraulic oil is biodegradable and is suitable for hydraulic transmission system in high temperature work zone.

Marlube HTX  high temperature grease   

Features: It can meet with operating temperature varying from 150-1000℃and is suitable for lubrication for bearing, chain and sliding rail in all kinds of hi-temperature status.

Marlube HTU high temperature waterproof grease

Features: It can resist high temperature and water erosion as well as satisfying high temperature, moist, dust, heavy load and other poor working conditions.


Lubrication solution for auto industry

Equipments in vehicle manufacturing industry are advanced and precise and require high standard working environment. Veiz chemical synthesis products can meet with high lubricating performance requirements of many equipments in vehicle manufacturing industry. Recommend products:

Marlube HTC-S synthetic high temperature chain oil  

Features: It has excellent performances of low volatility, no carbon deposit, no dripping and good lubricating property. In addition, it can be used in chain lubrication of car painting lines.

Marlube HDG-S synthetic gear oil  

Features: It has long operating life and it can be used continuously in high temperature of 200℃. In addition, it can be used in lubrication of welding robots.

Antiron RS 305 Anti-Rust

Main features: Three-in-one cleaning rust-proof oil has features of cleaning, rust protection and punch lubrication, especially for development of auto-body punch.

Tesynt SL 100/200  multipurpose volatile cleaner

Features: It is a safe and environmental solvent type cleaner and can be used for cleaning all sorts of parts in automobile factory.


Applications for machine manufacturing industry

Auto parts, construction machinery, military project and other machine manufacturing industry has many CNC machining equipment and high precision and strong stability product activity. Veiz chemical series products can meet with all kinds of requirements for machinery processing industry.

CNC Machine Lubrication

Marlube T hydralic oil

Marlube P sliderway oil

Marlube C spindle oil

Machine and Area Clean

Tesynt WS 500

Metalworking Fluids

Vecutte GX/FC/SC/MZ Series

Clean and Anti-Rust

Antiron RS/RW  Series

Tesynt SL/WS Series


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