As forerunner of international special lubrication chemical   technology, Veiz Chemical & Materials INC has more than 60 years of research and development experience of high-performance   lubricating material.

Veiz is one of major syntholube suppliers and service providers and its customers spread all over industrial circles such as aerospace, iron and steel manufacture, automobile, electric power, mines, food and electronic products etc. Veiz Group by Marlube special lubricants, Vecutte metalworking fluids, Antiron efficient anti-rust, Tesynt environmental cleaner , Spaco machinery such as the five major products division, covering industrial lubrication, cooling, cleaning, rust, machinery and other products in the field. Veiz chemical products takes synthetic chemical technology as its dominant and devotes itself to research and promotion of energy-efficient products. Moreover, as to new product research and development, this company pays more attention to idea of development of people first and friendly environment.

Lubrication solution for  steel industry

The majority of equipments for iron and steel industry are used in high temperature, dust, moist, and high loading and other complex working conditions. Veiz Marlube syntholube product can meet with special equipment lubrication requirements for iron and steel industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            more ......



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Technical Support

Veiz customer technical support system is important service item . You can obtain Veiz technical support service through business personnel or authorized dealer.