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V-CARE equipment lubricating management service

Equipment lubricating management service is a service item developed by Veiz company for users to monitor and manage equipment status. Through regular spot check analysis for equipment, equipment wear status trend table can be drawn, lubrication equipment filed can be established, reasonable lubrication suggestions such as product optimization and cycle replacement can be put forward.

Our services mainly include the following contents:

Lubrication equipment chartEstablish customer files for users need to make lubricating management and record product model, spot check report and replenishment cycles etc.

Oil sample seal Through seal up for new oil sample and oil sample for spot check, unusual conditions for equipment can be convenient for future reference.

Regular spot check for oil sample According to device types, spot check cycle and inspection items can be selected. Inspection items for oil sample are mainly physical detection (viscosity, flash point etc), oil product situation analysis (cleanliness, oxidation value etc), spectral analysis (metal wear particle content)

Lubrication cloud files Establish online cloud files for lubricating conditions of all user’s equipments, and on-line diagnostics reasons remotely, equipment maintenance remind and data for future reference.

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