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As forerunner of international special type lubrication chemical technology, Veiz development mainly depends on profession, innovation and fortitude spirit of company staff. We devoted to create a work platform with strong background for staff who dare to challenge and innovate.

We know very well that the staff is cornerstone of company and their contributions bring up future and success of Veiz.

Join Veiz, you will get:

Competitive salary;

Professional training and guidance

Expensive promotion and development space

A brand-new job offer for changing vocational outlook

Send you resume to us , join our talent reserves plan.




  • 42-31 Golden Suite 103 Flushing N.Y11355 ,  USA.
  • TEL: +01 212 5662076
  • FAX: +01 212 4615607
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Technical Support

Veiz customer technical support system is important service item . You can obtain Veiz technical support service through business personnel or authorized dealer.