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MARLUBE Special Lubricants

Marlube takes synthetic lubrication technology as its dominant and creates energy-efficient outstanding lubrication technology. In addition, it can solve high low temperature, super-speed, long life, high load and other kinds of lubrication puzzles, which users have to face.

VECUTTE Metalworking Fluids

Metal working process is detailed, complicated and is required to be extremely precise, so operators often come across various kinds of application problems, regardless of machining or punch forming. However, you can find corresponding products in Vecutte to solve practical processing problems.

ANTIRON Anti-rusts

During production process, equipments needs to be maintained frequently, later process of product manufacture also requires to protect. Thus, various kinds of protecting problems can be solved easily by use of Antiron top-quality long-acting antitrust agent.

TESYNT Cleaners

Parts manufacturing process often need cleaning, in order to meet the deliveryrequirements of assembly, mechanical equipment in the production processoften need maintenance cleaning, the use of Tesynt  high-quality environmentally-friendly cleaning agent, can easily solve the problem of variouscleaning.

SPACO Machines

High quality products need correct method of application and impeccable supporting facility. Veiz Spaco Machine combines mechanics and chemistry together innovatively and provides a new-type of service mode for users.



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Technical Support

Veiz customer technical support system is important service item . You can obtain Veiz technical support service through business personnel or authorized dealer.