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Marlube takes synthetic lubrication technology as its dominant and creates energy-efficient outstanding lubrication technology. In addition, it can solve high low temperature, super-speed, long life, high load and other kinds of lubrication puzzles, which users have to face.

  • MARLUBE HDG-S | Synthetic Gear Oil

    MARLUBE HDG-S Series synthetic gear oil is total synthesis heavy duty industrial gear oil based on special synthetic based technology and it has excellent high load capacity and high temperature stability. So it can handle with all kinds of complex working environments easily and protect gear and extend service life effectively. 

  • MARLUBE HMT-S | Synthetic Hydralic Oil

    MARLUBE HMT-S Series wide temperature hydraulic oil based on synthetic base oil technology and it has extremely high viscosity index and extremely low operating temperature and it is suitable for all hydraulic oil with temperature variations.

  • MARLUBE HMPE-S | Synthetic Fire-resistant Hydraulic Oil

    MARLUBE HMPE-S Series synthetic Acrawax fire-resistant hydraulic oil has excellent chemical stability, lubricating property and aging resistance. And it is biodegradable and is suitable for hydraulic transmission system in high temperature work zone.

  • MARLUBE HRX-S | Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

    MARLUBE HRX-S series total synthesis high-performance screw compressor oil contains special additives to form steady lubricating oil film on parts surface, reducing wear effectively and extend plant operation of equipment. Ultra-strong oxidation resistance can greatly enhance working life of oil and reduce oil change times.

  • MARLUBE HTC-S | Synthetic High-Temperature Chain Oil

    MARLUBE HTC-S Series total synthesis high temperature chain oil is composed of total synthesis base oil and special additives. Its operating temperature is up to 320℃, and it has low volatility, no carbon deposit, no dripping and good lubricating property. So it can greatly extend service life of chain and it can be widely used in all kinds of high temperature chain transmission system, automobile, household appliances oil painting bakery etc.

  • MARLUBE HD-KP | Super EP Gear Oil

    MARLUBE HD-KP series is a high quality EP gear oil, made from high quality paraffin base oil and add the excellent extreme pressure, anti oxidant, anti corrosion, anti foam and other series of additive.


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