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The first commercial syntholube dated from 1934. And it was made by Dr. Hermann Zorn, a chemist from Germany Farben company. Dr. Hermann Zorn made a kind of HVI by use of hydrocracked to lubricate fighter aircrafts and some self-motion machine gun with high performance piston engine. Then in 1943, King Tiger Tank of German army equipped with PAO lube, which is a kind of fully synthetic lubricants recognized by most people at present. Nearly at the same time, the U.S also developed a sort of fully synthetic lubricants taking esters as the principal thing.
In 1973, that is, after 30 years of development, VHVI and XHVI or UHVI development were successful. But its production costs much less than PAO, and its performance is very close, so it becomes a new generation of chemical synthesis lubricating oil.
In addition, ester synthetic engine oil is widely used in fields of aviation, high-performance mechanics and motorcycle race. And it is also a emerging fully synthetic lubricating oil.
Compared to mineral oil, syntholube has advantages as follows:
Good thermostable performance: Compared with mineral oil, syntholube has good thermal oxidation stability, high thermal decomposition temperature; and it is not easily splits in high temperature and then generates combustion-supporting micromolecules.
It has high viscosity index and good viscosity-temperature performance.  Viscosity-temperature performance of syntholube is better than that of mineral oil. In condition of temperature variation, it has small viscosity change and can be used in occasion with larger operating temperature variation.
Good temperature resistance: Compared with mineral oil, syntholube has lower pour point. In the condition of extremely low temperature, it still can keep good mobility and non-crystallization or condensation;
Lower volatility: Generally speaking, syntholube is a kind of pure compound. It has narrow boiling spread and low volatility. Thus, it has small volatility loss and can extend service life of oil. On the other hand, mineral oil is product within certain boiling spread and is easy to volatilize.
High flash point and fire point: Syntholube has high flash point and fire point. In the condition of the same high temperature, it is not easily burning and has good use security.
Veiz product fully takes syn-lube as its dominant, creating more economic value for users and makes great contributions to social energy conservation and environmental protection.


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