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Metal working process is detailed, complicated and is required to be extremely precise, so operators often come across various kinds of application problems, regardless of machining or punch forming. However, you can find corresponding products in Vecutte to solve practical processing problems.



    Electric spark machining zippo has features such as high flash point, little volatilization loss and high process-ability. 

  • VECUTTE MIC-100 | Micro-Cutting Oil

    VECUTTE MIC-100 is suitable for trace oil mist cutting lubrication. It takes vegetable oil as base oil and add special environmental additives. In addition, it can be biodegradable. 

  • VECUTTE FC | Emulsion Cutting Fluid

    VECUTTE FC series is a universal type emulsified cutting fluid that can be used in many material processing craft at the same time. And it has good applicability, process stability and economical efficiency. 

  • VECUTTE SC | Synthetic Cutting Fluid

    High-performance synthesis cutting fluid can be used in processing many kinds of nonferrous metal and ferrous metal. And it has excellent general machinability and super long service life and it can make tool and workpiece keep good cleanliness performance.

  • VECUTTE MZ |Punch & Forming Oil

    VECUTTE MZ series is suitable for pressure caused by type processing of aluminum, copper and steel. It contains multiple-effect lubricant additive and it can effectively improve surface quality. 



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