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High quality products need correct method of application and impeccable supporting facility. Veiz Spaco Machine combines mechanics and chemistry together innovatively and provides a new-type of service mode for users.

  • SPACO FILTER V60 | High Refined Filter System

    Aiming at full-automatic high refined filter system of high speed grinding oil, the highest filter fineness is up to 0.1 micron. And it will not consume material and it is energy-efficient.

  • SPACO KLEEN 336 | Manual Cleaning Machine

    SPACO KLEEN 336 is suitable for cleaning machine of manual operation parts. And it has features of universal jet, automatic cycling filtration and heating and pressing, which can greatly improve work efficiency and cleaning effect. 

  • SPACO GREASEMATIC P2| Pneumatic Butter Vehicle

    SPACO GREASEMATIC P2 is a removable device taking compressed air as its power source and self-motion lubricating grease into parts. And it is used in occasions such as industry production line, port, engineering machinery which require lubricating greasy injection. 


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Veiz customer technical support system is important service item . You can obtain Veiz technical support service through business personnel or authorized dealer.