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During production process, equipments needs to be maintained frequently, later process of product manufacture also requires to clean and protect. Thus, various kinds of cleaning and protecting problems can be solved easily by use of Antiron top-quality cleaner and long-acting antitrust agent.

  • ANTIRON RS 605 | Concentration Type Solvent Antirust

    Solvent type mid-and-long term antirust oil has good oil film adhesiveness and strong corrosion resistance. And it can adopt stock solution for dilution according to antirust cycle.

  • ANTIRON RS 602 | Semi-Dry Solvent Antirust

    Solvent antirust oil is used for rust prevention during manufacture of ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. And it has thin oil film, product cleanliness, small quantity used and easy cleanliness. 

  • ANTIRON RS 550 | Long-acting Antirust Oil

    ANTIRON RS 550 is mid-and-long term antirust oil featuring low viscosity and long antirust cycle. 

  • ANTIRON RS 520 | Long-acting Antirust Oil

    ANTIRON RS 520 is mid-and-long term antirust oil featuring low viscosity and long antirust cycle and with lubricaton.

  • ANTIRON RS 305 |Cleaning Rust-Proof Oil

    Three-in-one cleaning rust-proof oil has features of cleaning, rust protection and punch lubrication, especially for development of auto-body punch.

  • ANTIRON RS 331 |Lubrication Type Antirust Oil

    Higher viscosity antirust oil is particularly suitable for parts antirust that requires subsequent process and it is used in long-term sealing up for safekeeping of machine parts.


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