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Marlube takes synthetic lubrication technology as its dominant and creates energy-efficient outstanding lubrication technology. In addition, it can solve high low temperature, super-speed, long life, high load and other kinds of lubrication puzzles, which users have to face.

  • MARLUBE T | High-performance Hydralicl Oil

    MARLUBE T Series is composed of special base oil and high-quality additive and it has excellent wearing quality, good oxidation stability and higher viscosity index. In addition, it can be suitable for all hydraulic system requiring the use of mineral base oil.

  • MARLUBE P | High-performance Slide Way oil

    MARLUBE P Series high-performance rail oil is a kind of special lubricating oil exclusively used in rail of machine tool. And it has high strength oil slick, good emulsifying capacity and lower friction coefficient, so it can effectively prevent “crawling” phenomenon and improve machining positional accuracy. 

  • MARLUBE C | Hi-Speed Spindle oil

    MARLUBE C Series high speed spindle oil is a kind of special refined oil and it has good cleanliness property, wear-resistant property, anti-foaming property and antioxidant property. In addition, it is suitable for lubrication of all kinds of machine tool spindle, textile machine axle and spindle etc.

  • MARLUBE HTX | High Temperature Grease

    MARLUBE HTX Series high temperature grease adopts synthetic base oil and special additive and saponifier to deploy and it can meet with operating temperature requirements varying from 150-1200℃. In addition, it can be suitable for lubrication for bearing, chain and sliding rail in all kinds of hi-temperature status. 

  • MARLUBE HLT | Low Temperature Grease

    MARLUBE HLT Series low temperature lubricating grease adopts low temperature synthetic base oil technology, and it can resist -60℃operating temperature. So it is suitable for assembly unit lubrication in extremely cold region or refrigeratory and ultralow temperature areas. Moreover, it is used in lubrication for high speed bearing. 

  • MARLUBE HTU | High Temperature Waterproof Grease

    MARLUBE HTU Series high temperature waterproof grease adopts the most advanced calcium sulfonate complex technology. At the same time, it can meet with high temperature, moist, dust, heavy load and other wicked operating environment. 


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